Imre Varjú discovered cooking as his true profession in the course of his adventurous career quest, and he has enriched it with years of international and domestic experience so far. Bobajka restaurant and café opened under his leadership in the summer of 2022.
Principally, Bobajka aims to provide an outstanding dining experience through the use of seasonal and regional ingredients produced by smallholders. The fresh and high-quality ingredients come from the producers of the region, however, the chef and his team are pleased to walk through forests and fields in search of some forgotten treasures. The restaurant aims to establish a close and friendly cooperation with the local producers, hereby supporting the Zemplén region.
“We would like to show the country how the local, old flavours can be redefined and a bit revived, with the focus on seasonality and the raw materials of the local producers. Hereby, the preservation of local values can be supported while creating a destination restaurant.” /Chef Imre Varjú/